Google Exec Eric Schmidt Called Out for Interrupting the Only Woman on Panel


After a panel on innovation at SXSW in Austin on Monday, Google executive Eric Schmidt was called out for repeatedly interrupting U.S. Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith, the only woman on the panel.

During a Q&A session after the panel, someone pointed out the Schmidt was repeatedly interrupting Smith without noticing, and asked Smith how she felt about the unconscious bias that affects women. It turns out that the person who called out Schmidt Judith Williams, who just happens to be the Global Diversity and Talent Program manager at Google.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 4.49.35 PM

While she didn’t use that specific phrase, Williams was criticizing Schmidt for “manterrupting” Smith, a phrase my colleague Jessica Bennett brought to light earlier this year. Here’s how she describes it:

We speak up in a meeting, only to hear a man’s voice chime in louder. We pitch an idea, perhaps too uncertainly – only to have a dude…

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You Can Soon Send Money to Your Friends on Facebook


Facebook wants your debit card information.

The social media giant announced Tuesday it will soon allow users to securely send and receive money via Facebook’s standalone Messenger app. The free service, which is being released gradually to U.S. users over the coming months, will require a linked Visa or MasterCard debit card that has been issued by a U.S. bank.

Facebook said the updated Messenger app will include a “$” icon on the screen that will lead to a payments screen when tapped, allowing users to enter the amount of money they wish to send to a specific friend. Both users involved in a transaction would need to have a debit card linked to their Facebook accounts to make the transfer.

As an added layer of security, Facebook said users will have to create a PIN that must be entered before a money transfer can be made, while Apple iOS…

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